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Invisalign Coral Springs

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile or set of teeth. Clear Braces are the perfect alternative for those who don’t have perfect teeth. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult, clear braces are for everyone. Clear braces have become exceedingly popular within the adult community. Teenagers of course still dominate…

As your third set of molars, commonly referred to as the “wisdom teeth”, come in during your late teens to mid twenties, you may experience some discomfort as they emerge. Due to overcrowding, there may not be enough room in the mouth for them to come in properly, resulting in wisdom teeth that may be…

General dentistry in South Florida is an integral aspect of maintaining overall great health. Coral Springs Dental Center and their dental team conduct general treatments such as dental fillings, full and partial dentures, root canals and sedation dentistry along with specialty disciplines.  Coral Springs Dental Center invests in the latest and greatest dental technology so…

For thousands and thousands of us coffee drinkers in South Florida, that morning cup o’ Joe is as important to properly starting off the day as brushing and flossing. All over the country more than half of Americans, 68% in fact, drink at least one cup within the first hour of waking up every day….

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