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Pediatric Dental Center Coral Springs

Choosing the best pediatric dental center for your kids can ensure their oral health and that they have a bright smile for years to come. Oral health is extremely important because it is directly tied to the general health of a person.

Children grow at an incredible pace and pediatric dental needs continue to evolve and change as they do. Although they may still have their baby teeth, children should still visit a Coral Springs pediatric dentist for oral healthcare. 

Children are susceptible to the same dental issues as adults and some of these issues can affect their overall oral health in the future. By finding a pediatric dentist early on, you can ensure that your kids’ teeth and gums remain healthy as they continue to grow.

The following article will highlight some of the pediatric oral issues that can develop if baby teeth are not properly cared for. 


Cavities are considered the single common preventable childhood disease by medical experts. Children are fully capable of developing cavities in their baby teeth just like adults with permanent teeth.

Many children consume meals and snacks that contain a high amount of sugar. When the sugar enters the mouth, it reacts with bacteria and causes a film that covers teeth and gums called plaque. 

The plaque produces an acid that slowly erodes the enamel of baby teeth. If the plaque is not addressed, cavities can grow and even affect the child’s incoming permanent teeth.

A pediatric dental center can prevent cavities from ever forming and affecting the permanent teeth waiting to grow. 

Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Children are susceptible to bad breath or halitosis similar to adults. Bad breath can be a sign of serious oral health issues. Some of these issues include chronic sinusitis, diabetes, gum disease, and digestive problems.

By regularly visiting a pediatric dentist your child can avoid this embarrassing and serious oral health issue. 

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth grinding is known as bruxism in the dental community and is a common oral issue with many people. Unfortunately, children are not invulnerable to bruxism and may grind their teeth unknowingly during the day and at night when they are asleep.

Bruxism is not linked to bad oral hygiene but can be identified early on by a trained pediatric dentist. They can provide your child with a fitted mouth guard that can reduce the rate of bruxism. 

Gum Disease

Although parents may reinforce good oral hygiene in their children, they cannot always be certain. Poor pediatric oral hygiene can make your child vulnerable to gum disease and gingivitis just like adults.

If gum disease is not quickly addressed, it can lead to jaw bone damage and the loss of teeth. Even young kids that have not grown any teeth are susceptible to gum disease and gingivitis. 

These are just some of the oral health issues that can affect your children. By finding a quality pediatric dental center like Coral Spring Dental Center you can ensure the oral health of your kids. 

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Pediatric Dental Center Coral Springs

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