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Dental Anxiety

Feeling a little anxious or nervous about an upcoming visit with your dentist is a pretty common thing with most people. Generally, people will experience some type of anxiety about seeing any medical professional, whether it be a dentist or a doctor. A study revealed that an estimated 75 percent of adults in the U.S. experience mild to severe dental anxiety. The skilled team at Coral Springs Dental Center offers a gentle approach in addition to sedation dentistry techniques. This ensures all of our patients have a positive encounter each and every time.


One of the contributors to dental anxiety is prior bad experiences. Even if you have not experienced a terrifying dentist visit, you most likely have heard about one from a friend or family member. In some cases, this can be the sole factor in an individual’s dental anxiety. There are, however, several other reasons someone will develope feelings of extreme fear when getting into the dentist’s chair. Behavioural experts have  cited that even the media’s portrayal of dentistry can have an affect on one’s general outlook. Feeling helpless or a lack of control in any situation will leave anyone distressed. Especially when you are in a medical exam room, surrounded by unfamiliar equipment. Dental Anxiety should not be confused with Dental Phobia. Dental Phobia is the extreme fear and deliberate avoidance of seeing a dentist, regardless of the painful & potentially dangerous condition of the teeth and mouth. This condition is considered much more severe than dental anxiety. An estimated 10 percent of americans suffer from dental phobia.


With all types of anxiety and fear, the one thing we all seek is relief. Unfortunately, there isn’t just one simple remedy that will wash away all of your apprehensions immediately. Everyone is different, and therefore may respond differently to several techniques that can be used to help you relax. The experts at Coral Springs Dental Center practice a multitude of calming methods with patients to ease your mind about the impending procedure. Another very effective treatment we use here for dental anxiety is sedation dentistry. Sedation Dentistry, when combined with soothing surroundings and a kind, informative dentist is a very effective option. There are different levels of sedation that can be considered based on the severity of your anxiety and complexity of the dental procedure. From minimal sedation, making you feel relaxed yet awake to full anesthesia where you would be completely asleep we are fully qualified to take care of your needs.


Coral Springs Dental Center’s knowledgeable professionals in our state of the art facility create a stress free atmosphere for even the faintest of hearts. Regardless of how you feel coming into our office, it is our mission that you leave here feeling confident about your smile. Reach out to us directly by calling 954.344.8800 to set up a consultation with one of our dental experts. We are beautifully located at 1700 University Drive, Suite 101, Coral Springs, FL 33071. Push those fears aside and let us gently turn your frown upside down.

Dental Anxiety

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