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Accidents happen, if you break your leg you go to the hospital, but what happens if you break your tooth? In that case you call the emergency dentist at Coral Springs Dental Center. We can set up same day appointments for emergency patients, and we’re open every other Saturday. If you need an emergency dentist, call Coral Springs Dental Center.


What Requires Emergency Treatment

The most common dental emergency is caused by an impact to the mouth. In many cases the impact is caused by a sports injury, through a facial collision with the ball. A unfortunate but common accident requiring an emergency dentist in coral springs are car accidents. With car accidents occurring every day, and the number only increasing, the demand increases every day.


What to do

If you fall victim to the unfortunate events of needing an emergency dentist, there are some tips to make sure that you can save your tooth, or teeth. If your tooth gets knocked out from it’s socket, be sure to only touch the crown. Do not touch the root, you can damage the cells, and kill the tooth. Lightly rinse the tooth, do not be rough as any force can damage the tooth. If possible attempt to insert the tooth back into its socket. If that former is not possible, contain the tooth in a small container with whole milk or saliva.


If you are experiencing sore and swollen gums, you could have some kind of plaque and gum disease, this could also be a reaction to food stuck between teeth. Attempt to carefully floss the area, and rinse with warm water. Salt water will give the best effect. If these attempts fail, then see an emergency dentist.


Tooth pain can be excruciating. Don’t suffer from all the complicated over the counter solutions, come into an emergency dentist and get relief. Tooth pain, can not allow you to eat, sleep, or function. It makes you want to perform an evulsion on yourself


If your tooth is broken or cracked, find all of the pieces, rinse your mouth to get rid of any powdered particles of the tooth. Apply an ice pack directly to the affected area, and call an emergency dentist immediately.


As with anything, the longer you to take, the more your chances deteriorate, if you take to long you can lose your tooth or teeth, and have to get costly implants.


If you need an emergency dentist call Coral Springs Dental Center today!

Emergency Dentist

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