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If your dentist tells you that you need a root canal, don’t panic! Despite the scary stigma, root canals are actually beneficial and performed in order to save your tooth from being extracted & to eliminate pain.

Root canal

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What is root canal

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is the removal of a damaged or dead nerve located in the pulp, or soft inner matrix, of the tooth. A wounded nerve can lead to inflammation, pain, and can even cause an abscess to form in the surrounding gum tissue or bone if left untreated. The simple procedure can rectify and prevent these and other serious dental problems.

What Will Happen During My Root Canal?

The procedure begins with numbing the area for your comfort followed by the application of a thin plastic barrier to keep the area dry. Once the dead tissue is cleaned out from the pulp chamber and root canals, medicine is applied within the tooth to treat any infection and a filling is placed.

If the appearance of the tooth has suffered due to infection or a previous failed procedure, a crown will be applied so that no damage is apparent. Modern practices allow us to perform the root canal procedure in about the same time, and at about the same pain level, as a normal filling.

If excessive bone damage has occurred, bone reconstruction may be recommended as well. Also, if the gums have receded due to advanced stages of the disease, a gum graft can be performed in order to restore the look of healthy gums.

What happens during root canal

Why get a root canal

Why Get a Root Canal?

Many patients ask why they should get a root canal rather than just having the tooth pulled. Root canals are used to not only preserve the appearance, but also the function of one’s original tooth. When a tooth is unnecessarily extracted, there are risks of infection, bone damage, and dental shifting, which can cause problems when chewing or cleaning the teeth.

Root canals will remove the compromised part of the tooth and prevent any further damage without the risk of these additional problems!

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