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Invisalign Coral Springs

Not everyone is born with a perfect smile or set of teeth. Clear Braces are the perfect alternative for those who don’t have perfect teeth. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult, clear braces are for everyone. Clear braces have become exceedingly popular within the adult community. Teenagers of course still dominate those who wear braces. The low profile aspect of clear braces has made them more popular than ever. At Coral Springs Dental Center Coral Springs we know that everyone wants an appreciable smile. We are here to help you achieve that picture perfect smile. Clear braces are essentially made up of clear orthodontic aligners. Invisalign Coral Springs

The most common complaint about traditional braces (metal brackets connected via wires) are their cumbersome nature. The common goal of all braces is to motivate your teeth to be set in a desired position. Clear braces make what was once a somewhat difficult procedure much more user friendly. No more pain. No more restrictive dieting. No more eye catching blinding reflections. No more name calling. Brace Face, Metal Mouth, Train Tracks, Tinsel Teeth, Magnet Mouth, Cheese Grater, Tin Grin, Zipper Lips, Food Processor, Jaws, Heavy Metal, etc…. I’m sure you get the point. Invisalign Coral Springs by Coral Springs Dental Center.

These clear orthodontic aligners consist of a series of secure fitted custom made retainers that go over your teeth. Invisalign is the industry standard and doesn’t have any legitimate competition. Coral Springs Dental Center in Coral Springs is an authorized representative of Invisalign. Invisaligns single greatest asset besides not having to go thru painful and embarrassing scenarios is their ability to be removed. You can now eat or drink whatever you please. Removing your Invisalign allows you the ability to brush your teeth regularly. Metal braces are notorious for food getting stuck and caught in them. Some foods don’t come out until the braces come off. This causes gum irritation and tooth decay. Checkups become more routine as evaluation of your progress is easily viewable.

Coral Springs Invisalign

Invisible braces are not for all prospective patients. Coral Springs Dental Center in Coral Springs will help you determine what is the best approach to attaining the perfect smile. In some cases the only alternative is to get traditional braces. Young children should wait until their early teen years because their mouths are not currently fully developed. Clear braces work best with teens and adults. Those with mild or moderately crowded teeth and minor spacing problems. Patients with severely crowded teeth or space issues will require the traditional method. Underbites, Overbites and Crossbites are no longer an issue with Invisalign Coral Springs.

Treatment time with clear braces is determined by how far your teeth will be moved or rotated. The amount that your bite is off and how crooked your teeth are will extend treatment. A good rule of thumb is ten to twenty four months. For adults this time can be much less especially if you had braces as a youth. After Coral Springs Dental Center determines the correct treatment plan you will be fitted for a few different versions which cause slight adjustments over treatment time period.

Let Coral Springs Dental Center Coral Springs help you maintain a much better overall oral health. Call us if you have any questions concerning Invisalign Coral Springs.

Invisalign Coral Springs

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