Extractions, Wisdom Tooth Removal,
& Implant Placement

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What To Know

Oral surgery can seem daunting to many patients, but experienced staff at Coral Springs Dental Center will guide you from consultation to post-operation care and make sure that your procedure is handled as comfortably for you as possible. We offer a variety of surgeries to help restore the normal look, function, and health of your mouth.


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Extraction of a tooth may be necessary for any number of reasons. The most common include:

  • Infection of the tooth’s pulp that cannot be cured with medicines or a root canal.
  • Loosening due to damaged ligaments and bone surrounding the tooth caused by periodontal disease.
  • Severe trauma to the tooth that is too extensive for purely cosmetic solutions.
  • Crowding that is preventing proper alignment of the teeth within the mouth.

Most extractions do not require the patients to be fully sedated through the surgery. Instead, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the area surrounding the extraction site. Once the extraction is completed, self-dissolving stitches will be applied if necessary, although they usually are not needed as the gums will clot on their own. Your surgeon will prescribe a painkiller regimen for you to adhere to in the days following the surgery in order to make healing go more smoothly. Continue to practice good oral hygiene during this time in order to prevent infection. If the extraction site is visible, your dentist will discuss possible cosmetic solutions with you following surgery.


Implant Placement

When some teeth are extracted, an implant may be considered in order to prevent shifting of the remaining teeth and to make talking and chewing easier. Implants are a fixed solution to missing teeth that consist of a metal anchor below the gums that is inserted into the jaw and holds the artificial tooth, or crown, in place.

Implants are also a great option for those who are dissatisfied with their current removable dentures. Prior to surgery, molds will be taken of the mouth in order to ensure that the dental implant is specifically tailored to fit you. The crowns are also custom made from durable materials so that they blend seamlessly into existing teeth and last for years.


Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars which erupt in the late teenage years or early adulthood and can sometimes cause problems with crowding in the mouth, a condition which could lead to damage to surrounding teeth and gums, infection, and even tumors in severe cases. It may only be necessary to remove one or two wisdom teeth in some patients while others must remove the full set of four.

Your Coral Springs Dental Center dentist will be able to evaluate how many wisdom teeth you must have removed through physical examinations and x-rays. As a wisdom teeth extraction is a bit more extensive than a normal extraction, the surgery may require sedation. However, an overnight stay is not required and medication used to manage pain and prevent infection makes post op-care extremely manageable.

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