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Pediatric Dentist in Coral Springs

At Coral Springs Dental Center our goal is to foster an encouraging visit for your child in nurturing manner.  Our entertaining approach is focused around providing an environment that is centered on keeping your children at ease.  Kids and parents alike will feel comfortable from the first time visit up until their last pediatric visit.  We are proud to have been nominated as the top Pediatric Dentist in Coral Springs by the U.S. Commerce Association six years in a row.  Our main goal is to fully comprehend your children’s needs to exercise patience and compassion while determining each specific child’s needs, concerns, and anxieties.

Coral Springs Dental Center has a complete dental team specializing in every type of pediatric dentistry.  Our dentist and specialist have extensive education and training that is tailored to meet the needs of children of any age from toddler up to young adult.  Some pediatric patients have special health care needs and we can accommodate to make the dental procedure much more enjoyable.  Our vast pediatric dental experience covers all key developmental stages in childhood.  At Coral Springs Dental Center we offer all Pediatric Dental Services at one location under one roof.  Our unique passion for making your kids as comfortable and safe as possible is the most important aspect of being a pediatric dentist in Coral Springs.  Our delightful dental staff is amazing at caring for your precious kids.

Pediatric Dentist in Coral Springs

  • New Pediatric Patient

All new pediatric patients go through a thorough evaluation of their dental development, emotional state and a team dialogue with the parents.  This helps our dental team diagnose and provide a positively clear plan for achieving and maintaining a healthy smile.  Our motto is that each and every pediatric patient and their family leaves pleased and truly looks towards their next pediatric dental visit!

  • Pediatric Checkup

As a good rule of thumb, it is highly advised that every 6 months your child should come back for a checkup.  This entails basic Periodontal Maintenance (teeth cleaning) and a complete dental examination that might include x-rays if necessary.  There is nothing more that we enjoy that watching our patients grow into adolescence with health smiles.  We always look towards their next visit and keeping your child’s oral health at its best.

  • Pediatric Digital X-rays

At Coral Springs Dental Center we use the latest dental imaging technology available on the market.  From Intraoral Cameras, Dental X-Ray Sensors, Panoramic Dental X-Ray Machine, to a Handheld Portable X-Ray Generator, all of these dental imaging devices reduce the amount of radiation exposure in addition to the elimination of harsh processing chemicals.  Modern dental imaging is fast, non-invasive and gives immediate dental imaging for a speedier diagnosis getting pediatric dental patients in and out faster.

  • Pediatric Dental Emergency CarePediatric Dentist in Coral Springs

When and if your children face any type of dental emergency, we need to be notified immediately so we can evaluate the situation.  After a brief evaluation, we can then figure out the best path for a proper treatment plan.  During our normal office hours, our dental staff is well trained and experienced in assessing your child’s dental emergency and providing immediate assistance appropriately.

When you need a Pediatric Dentist in Coral Springs, try Coral Springs Dental Center.


Pediatric Dentist in Coral Springs

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