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Dental Extractions

Dental extractions (also known as exodontia or exodontics) is a common dental procedure performed for a variety of reasons. Although the procedure is fairly straightforward it can be daunting for anyone who needs it.

The experienced staff at Coral Springs Dental Center can help you through every step of the procedure from preoperative preparation to postoperative care. Our experienced staff will ensure that your procedure is handled with the utmost care and you remain as comfortable as possible.

Just what are the specifics of extracting a tooth and when does it become necessary? Below is an easy to understand dental extractions guide that can help you better understand the procedure that can help restore the health, look, and function of your mouth.

Reasons For Tooth Extractions

There are a variety of reasons why a patient may require surgical dental extractions. The main reason is the tooth has become unrestorable because of dental trauma, periodontal disease, or tooth decay. Usually, it is associated with a toothache.

Another cause that could require tooth extraction is when wisdom teeth become impacted. This means the tooth or teeth have become stuck and are unable to grow normally in the mouth. The condition can cause recurring infections of the gum.

Another reason a dentist or endodontist would consider dental extractions is in the case of teeth becoming crowded. In this instance, sound teeth (usually the bicuspids) are extracted to create space to allow the rest of the teeth to be straightened.

The Procedure

Fortunately, dental extractions are a fairly straightforward and common procedure. In most cases, the patients are not required to be fully sedated through the surgery. Instead, local anesthetic injections are used to numb the area surrounding the extraction site during the procedure.

Once the extraction is complete, the surgeon will apply self-dissolving stitches if necessary however usually they are not needed as the gums will clot on their own. In the days following your surgery, you will be prescribed by your surgeon a painkiller that can help the healing process.

Implant Placement

A dental implant may be considered when some teeth are extracted in order to prevent the remaining teeth from shifting and to make chewing food and talking easier. Furthermore, an implant can prevent further complications.

Dental implants consist of a metal anchor below the gums that is inserted into the jaw and holds an artificial tooth or crown in place. Implants can also be considered for patients who are unhappy with their current removable dentures. Molds are taken of the mouth prior to surgery to ensure they are individually tailored for the patient.

If you believe you need a dental extraction and wish to receive an expert opinion, contact Coral Springs Dental Center today.

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Dental Extractions

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