Oral Surgeon Coral Springs

If you are searching to find an accomplished and experienced oral surgeon Coral Springs Dental Center is your best local option. Though oral surgery might seem frightening to adults and children alike, our dental group is full of caring dental specialists uniquely skilled in easing the anxieties of nervous patients. More importantly, our Coral Springs oral surgeon is expertly trained in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery and strives to make each experience as comfortable and efficient as possible.


Surgical tooth extractions are sometimes required because of a few different reasons. The need for extractions can commonly be caused by issues such as –

  • Untreatable infections in a tooth’s pulp
  • Loose teeth caused by damaged ligaments or bones from periodontal diseases
  • Extreme damage that is beyond the scope of a cosmetic dentistry fix
  • Crowding that prevents the teeth from aligning properly

Extractions do not require a patient to undergo full sedation and typically entail the use of a local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area of an extraction site. If necessary, self-dissolving stitches are used once the extraction is complete.

Implant Placement

Once a tooth is successfully extracted, the area the tooth was situated is now empty. Preventing this empty area from causing further complications sometimes requires an implant placement. Implants also make it easier to chew food while eating and can be a permanent solution to fix missing teeth and replace removable dentures.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth don’t always cause complications, yet do commonly need to be removed to prevent future crowding. Wisdom tooth removal might require only a single tooth to be extracted or an endodontist will recommend removing all four of the molars. During a wisdom tooth extraction, the patient is often put under full sedation using safe anesthesia techniques while the oral surgery is being performed. Patients, however, do not need to remain overnight when a wisdom tooth is removed by the oral surgeon Coral Springs Dental Center employs.

Read more about what oral surgery is and the different surgical services we provide here.

To find out why the best oral surgeon Coral Springs FL has available is at Coral Springs Dental Center, contact our team. To make a new dental appointment call 954-344-8800 today!

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Oral Surgeon Coral Springs

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