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Endodontics Dentist

Typically, patients do not enjoy going to the dentist’s office. For this reason, people will wait to visit the dentist until they feel some pain or develop a complication from long-term lack of care. All dentists are not “made” the same, however, and when a patient develops the need for specialized care, an endodontics dentist is the person to call.

What makes a dentist an endodontics dentist and why should patients consider one over a typical dentist? All endodontists are dentists – but less than three percent of dentists are trained as endodontists. Below are some of the differences between an endodontist over a typical dentist and why patients should seek them out when they need specialized care.

Two to Three Years of Additional Schooling

Just like other medical disciplines have specialized fields, dentistry has endodontics. Endodontists are specialists who specialize in studying diseases of the dental pulp and their various treatments. In order to become a specialized endodontics dentist, medical students must undergo an additional two to three years of advanced training after completing the four years of dental school.

Endodontics Is A Specialized Expertise

With an exclusive focus on the various complex treatments of the dental pulp, endodontists are experts in the internal workings of the tooth. These specialists do not typically clean teeth or place fillings but instead, diagnose and treat tooth pain. A good comparison to remember is that a typical dentist will complete on average two root canals, while an endodontics dentist will perform up to twenty five. These specialists are highly skilled in diagnosing the cause of complex facial and oral pains a patient may be suffering from.

Endodontics Use Advanced Technologies

Unlike conventional dentists and oral procedures, endodontics uses cutting-edge technology, materials, and equipment to make a patient’s treatment as effective and successful as possible. The area inside a root canal where an endodontics dentist works is extremely tiny. Using high resolution 3-D imaging and digital radiographs, endodontists can get a detailed picture of a patient’s tooth to better diagnose and treat any related complications.

Endodontists Are Pain Management Specialists

Tooth and oral pain can be some of the most debilitating kinds of pain. An endodontics dentist uses specialized methods and techniques to ensure a comfortable and effective diagnosis and treatment. This is done by their expertise in administering numbing agents and medications during oral procedures helping even the most difficult patient stay comfortable and numb. Endodontists can also alleviate the pain and inflammation a patient may suffer from following an oral procedure.

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At Coral Springs Dental Center, we have been serving the South Florida community for over thirty years providing the highest quality of oral care and dental services. Our advanced facility is equipped with cutting-edge 3D scanning technology, digital imaging and x-ray equipment to provide a broad range of services for our patients.

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Endodontics Dentist

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