State of the Art 3D X-Ray Imaging Technology

Providing you with the most efficient and comprehensive dental services available.


What To Know

In our continued efforts to provide you with the most efficient and up-to-date dental services available, Coral Springs Dental Center now offers state-of-the art 3D X-Ray Imaging technology. This new method not only yields brilliant images in a fraction of the time taken by traditional 2D X-rays, but also goes beyond the teeth to provide clear and detailed images of the roots, jaw, and skull with a high level of precision, allowing our experienced dentists to quickly identify problems that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

Not only does this level of early detection provide you with a more comprehensive check-up in the moment, but also saves you the time and money you might be investing in subsequent appointments. This technology also emits minimal amounts of radiation, so you won’t need to worry about your own safety or that of your family.

Advanced Technology

At Coral Springs Dental Center, we stay on the cutting edge in order to provide you with the best dental services available in South Florida. Our facility is equipped with all of the latest dental technologies and amenities in order to make your visit as comprehensive and comfortable as possible. It’s no wonder that our facilities have been ranked as the “Best Dental Office in Coral Springs” by the U.S Commerce Association six years in a row.

Advanced tech

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral Cameras

We also utilize cutting-edge intraoral cameras at Coral Springs Dental Center. In many cases, a patient will be reluctant to accept a treatment option that they don’t understand. To that end, these valuable tools allow our expert dentists to obtain the clearest images possible and visually inform the patient about their condition and treatment options, making the decision much easier. Dental problems that escape the naked eye can now be easily detected through digital magnification. The bright LED lights equipped to the camera also provide a balanced and consistent level of illumination in your mouth, not your eyes.

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