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If the idea of having your teeth cleaned or a dental procedure done makes you uneasy and anxious, we recommend sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is specifically for anxious patients that get extremely nervous and fearful about seeing a dentist. Our team of Coral Springs sedation dentists is compassionate and cares deeply about every person that visits us. We use a few different methods to ensure you feel safely relaxes both before and during your procedure. Read more about the Coral Springs sedation dentists at Coral Springs Dental Center below. Or visit our website for a more detailed description of our sedation dentistry methods.

Coral Springs Sedation Dentists | Methods of Sedation

Coral Springs sedation dentists at Coral Springs Dental Center are trained in a variety of methods for different levels of sedation. Some patients are uneasy at even the thought of visiting the dentist. For these people, we are able to prescribe anti-anxiety medication at the right dosage to keep you relaxed throughout your visit. For others, the thought of prolonged pain is what keeps them feeling uneasy. Pain relief during dental procedures is what a local anesthetic is often used for. You can read more details about each method below.

Inhalation (ex. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas)

  • Inhalation sedation is a useful method for patients of any age. Though a small child and an adult man are given different dosages, nitrous oxide (more commonly known as laughing gas) helps to relax the patient. This method can be used for something serious (like a root canal) or something routine (like general teeth cleaning).

Oral (Anti-anxiety or pain medication)

  • Oral sedation is a commonly used method for patients generally anxious about even visiting the dentist. You can speak to one of our Coral Springs sedation dentists about when you plan to visit and we will prescribe a medication to help relax you prior to the appointment time.

IV (Intravenous part or total sedation performed by an anesthesiologist)

  • IV or intravenous sedation is used for dental procedures performed over a long period of time. A professional anesthesiologist will introduce a medication directly into the bloodstream to either partly or completely sedate the patient. We closely monitor your vitals during and after the procedure to make sure the medication wears off safely.

Local Anesthesia

  • Local anesthesia is one way we prevent our patients from feeling most or all discomfort if their procedure is known to be painful. It is introduced directly into the area being worked on in order to keep it numb and wears off shortly after the procedure is completed.

Coral Springs Sedation Dentists | About Us

Coral Springs Dental Center is located at 1700 University Drive in Suite 101. Patients in Coral Springs or any of its nearby cities are welcome. Our facility only uses state of the art dental equipment and has numerous comforts and amenities. Come find out why we were voted “Best Coral Springs Dentists” for 6 years in a row. To make an appointment with one of our Coral Springs sedation dentists call 954-344-8800. Or Contact Us for more information.

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Coral Springs Sedation Dentists

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