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Causes of Gum Disease


Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is caused by bacteria that infect the structures surrounding the tooth such as the gums, ligaments, and supportive bone. These bacterial infections occur due to a buildup of plaque at or below the gum line.

Good oral hygiene and regular cleanings can help prevent periodontal disease. However, our expert periodontists can diagnose and treat even the most advanced cases.

Gum disease

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Periodontal disease

Treatment of Periodontal Disease

The treatment of periodontal disease begins with a deep cleaning of the gums and any pockets created around the teeth. These pockets are formed when plaque builds up and calcifies to form tartar.

Your periodontist will use specialized tools to remove this tartar in a process called scaling. To eliminate any remaining bacteria, medicine may then be prescribed in the form of a pill, mouthwash, or topical treatment.


What If The Initial Treatment Is Not Enough?

In severe cases, large amounts of plaque and bacteria cannot be removed with scaling and medication alone. Surgery may be needed to remove large tartar deposits below the gum line and prevent tooth loss. Your periodontist will clean the pockets that have formed which house the disease causing bacteria and secure the gum tissue to the teeth to close the pocket and prevent future bacterial growth.

If excessive bone damage has occurred, bone reconstruction may be recommended as well. If the gums have receded due to advanced stages of the disease, a gum graft can be performed in order to restore the look of healthy gums.

Initial treatment

Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants


When periodontal disease is left untreated, the body’s immune system will begin to attack bacteria pockets, damaging the ligaments and bone that hold the teeth. Single teeth as well as large groups of teeth can loosen and be lost. Dental implants are metal anchors embedded in the jaw bone that hold a single artificial tooth or rows of the teeth.

If necessary, whole mouth reconstruction can be successfully achieved using this method. Implant surgery has an exceedingly high 90% success rate and the implants themselves are extremely durable. With proper care they can last the patient a life time. Dental implants are a great option for those whose loss of teeth has been negatively impacting their lives. Implants blend seamlessly into existing teeth to give you back your confidence!

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