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Orthodontic Treatment

Seeking orthodontic treatment is the best way to treat jaw and tooth positioning issues. By professionally treating positioning issues, your teeth will be able to function properly and it will be much more comfortable eating. Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age, though specialists recommend it be done earlier in life, around the age…

Invisalign Aligners

Many people looking to straighten their teeth will wonder whether to choose Invisalign aligners or traditional braces. Both are great ways to make your teeth straighter, neater, and give you an absolutely great smile. There are however key differences between traditional braces and Invisalign that you should consider when making your decision. Below are a…

Coral Springs Orthodontics

Coral Springs orthodontics offices provide a more specialized service than traditional or general dentists. Anyone who has had braces knows the difference between a visit to the dentist and a visit to the orthodontist. Fortunately, these visits are now one in the same because of places like Coral Springs Dental Center. With a large state…

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