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Teeth Cleaning Procedure

No matter how well you might brush and even floss everyone should have a teeth cleaning procedure performed every six months by a professional. This is because even the most diligent oral hygiene will inevitably miss certain hard to reach places.

There are a number of benefits that a professional teeth cleaning procedure can provide besides giving you a pearly white smile. These benefits are important to remember when considering whether you should visit a dentist for a thorough teeth cleaning.

This article highlights a number of benefits that regularly scheduled professional teeth cleaning can provide. These benefits are not only limited to oral health but beneficial to living an overall healthy life.

A Preventative Treatment

Most people recognize the importance of brushing and flossing on a daily basis to avoid yellowing teeth and bad breath. These are not the only reasons why good oral hygiene is important, however.

Brushing and flossing are limited in their ability to properly and completely clean every inch of a person’s mouth. Hard to reach places and the natural accumulation of tartar (mineralized plaque) from eating and drinking can compound into much more serious problems.

One example of this is tartar buildup in an area that has been neglected with simple brushing and flossing. The tartar buildup can cause inflammation of the gums leading to cavities and worse, gum disease.

A dental hygienist uses a number of tools that can properly reach every individual tooth and remove tartar buildup leading to good oral hygiene. A teeth cleaning procedure also helps prevent oral diseases from developing.

Oral diseases like gum disease and gingivitis can lead to dangerous health complications. Remember, good oral hygiene is an integral part of good general health.

Tools And Techniques

A dental hygienist will use a number of techniques during a teeth cleaning procedure to ensure a complete job is done. These techniques include tooth scaling, tooth polishing, and if too much tartar buildup is present debridement.

Most people will recognize tooth scaling by the metal hook a dentist uses to seemingly scrape off plaque. The “hook” is called a periodontal scaler which removes dental plaque and calculus (hardened dental plaque) and then smooths the exposed surfaces of the root.

Following the tooth scaling process in a teeth cleaning procedure the dental hygienist will then use a prophy cup-a tiny motorized rubber cup-to polish the teeth. Tooth polishing is done to smooth the surface of the teeth by polishing them and removing extrinsic stains.

Tooth polishing is mostly an aesthetic procedure that also removes dental plaque accumulation and reduces corrosion of metallic restorations. Polishing is done after debridement and before applying fluoride.

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Teeth Cleaning Procedure

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