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General Dentistry in South Florida

General dentistry in South Florida is an integral aspect of maintaining overall great health. Coral Springs Dental Center and their dental team conduct general treatments such as dental fillings, full and partial dentures, root canals and sedation dentistry along with specialty disciplines.  Coral Springs Dental Center invests in the latest and greatest dental technology so you can rest assured in our modern pristine medical environment.  Knowing that general dentistry is of the utmost importance to your health – please make sure you choose the right dental provider.  Not all dental procedures fall under the basic dental procedure umbrella.  Whether you like it or not sometimes you have to visit a Dental Specialist.  Coral Springs Dental Center has assembled a complete team covering every aspect of dental health care.

When you visit the dentist it does not have to be such a frightening or painful event.  Emergency dental treatments such as having a tooth removed, a crown procedure or getting cavities filled can now be done  quickly and painlessly. If you need to get teeth removed ask your dentist about having it done while under sedation as opposed to receiving full anesthesia.  When you have fillings  or crowns made from white composite material it is much easier to match the natural tooth enamel color.  Of course you can always request to use precious metals.  Popular in dentistry for a long time, is the use of all metal (gold or white gold) or porcelain fused to metal (PFM), PFG (Porcelain Fused Gold) crown.  Inquiring about what type of dental alloy is critical depending on if you are allergic to certain metals or for mainly aesthetic purposes.

There are 3 fundamental dental alloys mainly used today in dentistry.  1) High noble, 2) semi-precious, and 3) non-precious. These classifications are based upon the metals composition.  Each one is different and have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.  Cost is the main factor along with what your insurance will cover.  Appearance is of equal importance so determining the color (yellow or white) coupled with the general physical properties or allergies.

Coral Springs Dental Center will discuss these three more in depth in this article.  Nevertheless, if price is not a major factor, then the alloy that has the highest precious metal content generally makes the optimum choice.  Crowns that do have a metal component (all metal and porcelain fused to metal ones) are constructed using certain types of alloys. Never are only pure metals used, not even when you see the bright gold ones.  This is mainly due to the fact that for dental applications, the physical characteristics of alloys are much more superior.

General Dentistry in South Florida

1) High noble alloys (Precious metal)

This groupings main characteristics is that they have a composition that is over 60 percent noble metal (gold, palladium and or platinum), of which more than 40 percent must be gold.

2) Noble alloys (Semi-precious metal)

This groupings main characteristics are that the alloys must have at least 25 percent noble metal content.

3) Non-noble (Non-precious metal)

These alloys are commonly referenced as being the base metals.  This groupings main characteristics are that the noble metal content is less than 25 percent but they may have none.  These alloys will often contain larger percentages of nickel, cobalt, chromium or beryllium.  General Dentistry in South Florida by Coral Springs Dental Center.

General Dentistry in South Florida

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