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Keeping up with your families day to day life can be hectic. This is especially accurate when you are trying to maintain the oral health of all of your family members. Usually, you find yourself hastily searching for Coral Springs Family Dentistry in search for nearby, trusty results. Next, comes scheduling appointments for a primary dentist to take care of the adults and then a separate visit at the pediatric location for your youngsters. Trying to coordinate appointments and office locations will leave you exhausted before you even leave the house. Clearing your plans for the day when the family has dentist visits scheduled is no longer necessary. Coral Springs Dental Center provides a full house of dental practices and treatments. You may ask what the big deal is here. The deal is this: no more specialist referrals that require you to go to a different office and practice to have your dental procedure done. Our Coral Springs Family Dentistry practice houses a variety of specializations and practices all under one roof. Our unique dynamic virtually eliminates the inconvenience of having to tool around town visiting everyone in the family’s dental specialist.

Certainly, we understand how busy and demanding life can be and what a nuisance it is to be traveling to multiple locations for dental work, especially when you have the family in tow. Not to mention all the insurance verification, prices differences and dealing with a dental professional & practice that you are not familiar with. This can lead to or add to dental anxiety and phobia conditions, which is a serious problem that hinders people from seeking and receiving the dental care necessary for proper oral health and development. What’s worse, is this paranoia can be spawned from one family member to another, regardless of age. Young, impressionable minds may fill with uncertainty and nervousness at the thought of bouncing between their primary dentist to an orthodontist and so on.

Coral Spring Dental Center established a streamlined experience by deliberately placing several branches of Coral Springs Family Dentistry within our state of the art facility. We took our time in carefully selecting dental professionals that meet our standards of expertise, care, and compassion. This allows us to maximize your experience and minimizes the time and energy spent going from one dentist chair to another. Let’s put this in perspective for you. Coral Springs Family Dentistry services at Coral Springs Dental Center include:Coral Springs Family Dentistry

  • Pediatric Dentistry – Experienced pediatric professionals deliver the gentlest hands to the precious smiles of our future.
  • Orthodontics – Skilled Orthodontists straightening smiles and boost confidence using Invisalign or braces.
  • Periodontics – The headquarters of oral health providing teeth cleaning, gum treatments and dental implants. 
  • Endodontics – Tooth wizards work their magic at saving compromised teeth.
  • Prosthodontics – The Picasso’s of dentistry turn replicating and replacing teeth into a true artform.
  • Sedation Dentistry – An alternate approach for our extra-anxious patients who require anesthetic techniques that provide a calming, safe experience.
  • Oral Surgery – Passionate dental surgeons carefully perform extractions and wisdom tooth removals.


End your search for Coral Springs Family Dentistry today with Coral Springs Dental Center. It is our absolute delight to schedule a family consultation with you today, call us now at (954)344-8800. Visit us to discover our one of a kind experience, we want to see you smile! Located in beautiful South Florida 1700 University Drive, Suite 101 Coral Springs, FL 33071


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