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Dentists in Boca Raton

Tanned bodies and beautiful smiles. If you have ever been to a beach near Boca Raton, you are familiar with just how common this look is. One thing that most people have in common is a desire for whiter, straighter, and all around perfect teeth. And the truth is most people try all sorts of methods to acquire that smile they have always dreamt of having. But that smile will quickly fade if you don’t practice proper dental hygiene. So, whether you are looking for dentists in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Coral Springs, or other nearby cities, come on over to Coral Springs Dental Center.

Dentists in Boca Raton | Departments

All our dental departments have a specialist that is uniquely trained in his or her specific specialty. Our hope is to uncomplicate appointments for our patients by providing everything under one roof. We have a department for each of the following specialties:

Click on any of those links to learn more about what each specialist is responsible for. Each dental specialist is board-certified and passionate about patient comfort. Visit our website to learn more about our dental specialists and meet our staff.

We have a department for every dental specialty all under one roof and continue to be awarded “Best Coral Springs Dentist” year after year. And we offer emergency dental services if you experience a sudden tooth problem. Continue reading to find out more about what makes us so different than other dental offices in our local area. And visit our website for more information about our dental office here: Coral Springs Dental Center.

Dentists in Boca Raton | Facility

Coral Springs Dental Center has a new facility that is full of upgraded and state of the art dental equipment. We use such innovative new items as intraoral cameras, digital dental X-ray sensors, and painless anesthesia machines. All of these, along with our dental specialists, enables us to provide a level of high-quality care and service.

This new dental equipment provides us crisp, high-resolution images for diagnosing dental and oral complications. And our non-invasive radiography techniques minimize exposure to radiation and eliminate any potential discomfort previously felt during X-ray procedures. So long to the stocky, complicated, and intimidating X-ray machines of the past.

Our facility also has a number of different amenities for our patients. For instance, you will find a TV, pillow, and blanket in every room for your own personal use and entertainment. We have free Wifi, accessible to patients throughout our center. And our video game room for children is full of options that keep any of our pediatric dental patients having fun.

Dentists in Boca Raton | About Us

Coral Springs Dental Center is located at 1700 University Drive, Ste 101, Coral Springs, FL, 33071. We are always taking on new dental patients and make it super easy to schedule an appointment. Just call us at 954-344-8800 and let us know what day and time is best for you. Or click here if you have any additional questions for us: Contact Us.

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Dentists in Boca Raton

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