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Pediatric Dentist Boca Raton

Sometimes parents are torn when it comes to taking their small children to the dentist. On one hand, we all know that dental care is extremely important. However, some people don’t see why a child who still has baby teeth has to visit a dentist. This is especially true for children with a sever dislike or fear of medical offices. Coral Springs Dental Center knows that it IS important for young children to visit a pediatric professional. We are here to help you and your little one through the process so that you both can feel comfortable and receive the care that you need. If you are looking for the best pediatric dentist Boca Raton and its surrounding areas has to offer, there is no better option than Coral Springs Dental Center.

Many parents so not realize how important it is for a child to see the dentist- their baby teeth will just fall out after all, right? While this is true, there

Pediatric Dentist Boca Raton

1. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is a common dental disease cause by sugar fed bacteria in the mouth.

are many complications that can arise early on that can have lasting implications if they are not taken care of. It is recommended that you bring your baby into see the dentist within six months of teeth breaking the gums. While this may seem gratuitous, it is imperative to check for the presence of issues such as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay 1. If your child does damage or preemptively lose their baby teeth, not only will they experience pain and difficulty but it can adversely affect the development of their adult teeth.

Another reason we recommend to bring your young child into the office is to familiarize them with the dentist. The first visit should be a calm and comfortable endeavor. We can introduce your child to dental care in an easy way, so they will not be trepidatious down the road. Children most fear the unknown, so introducing them to their pediatric dentist early on is half of the battle. It is also known that children who have a good relationship with their dentist are more likely to take a personal interest in oral hygiene. They will want to impress their practitioner with their healthy smile!

One benefit of taking your child to Coral Springs Dental Center is that we are a full service office. We offer a variety of services under one roof, including:

No matter what service your child needs, we can provide it. You will not have to drive all over town from practitioner to practitioner. These will save you time and money and your child will be surrounded by familiar faces that they trust. You and your family can grow with your favorite dental team- one that you know has your best interests in mind at all times.

Coral Springs Dental Center takes your family’s dental care seriously. That is why we work hard to create the most comfortable end comprehensive experience for you each time you visit. You can give us a call at 954.344.8800 to schedule an appointment. You can also stop by our office located at 1700 University Drive, Suite 101 Coral Springs, FL 33071. We can’t wait to meet all of your family’s dental care needs!

Pediatric Dentist Boca Raton

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