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Dentist Coral Springs

Coral springs dental services is your go to Dentist in Coral Springs. We have everything you need to take care of your beautiful smile. Dental health is one of the most crucial aspects to your health, the health of your mouth affects everything from your digestion to your heart. After your teeth develop you can count on bacteria growing in your mouth that’s why brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash is very important and taught at such a young age. Here at coral springs dental center we offer free check ups and x-rays on your first visit and we can formulate a whole treatment gameplan all the way from younger children first cutting their teeth to when it comes time for correction with braces and retainers.
Finding a dentist in Coral Springs that offers everything from dental surgeons to routine teeth cleaning with board certified dentist and orthodontists. A common occurrence when you have a tooth extracted is there might a bone exposed that causes some mild irritation. We always file down the bone in the socket so that your mouth feels the same as before you had any work done at all. Here at coral springs dental center we have the best staff and equipment that is the most technologically advanced in the business, helping you achieve the best results possible with a gentle dental approach.

Some people have real issues when thinking about going to the dentist. Many people can’t really even step foot in a dentist office. Rest assured that coral springs dental center has some of the best trained and most relaxed professionals that will give you the best treatment you have received. We treat our customers like family and that makes the difference when you are uncomfortable about visiting the dentist! No matter what type of dental service you need, we do them all at one location under one roof. The best dentist in coral springs are waiting to provide you with the best dental services possible.

Dentist in Coral Springs


Living in south Florida we are often subjected to hurricanes power outages and storms. Weather related anxiety and cause clenching and other issues which compound tooth pain. What better reason to get your dental check-up before the power goes out and you can’t even visit a dentist office. Don’t let this happen get in before the storms and you won’t be waiting all days to get pain relief. Most dentist in coral springs will be closed Saturday but we remain open to better serve those who cannot make it during the weekdays.

Thinking of getting braces? We use the most advanced procedures for clear braces or traditional braces. Using invisalign will make your correction much more manageable and easier to keep you teeth clean. You are able to remove the clear braces when you want to eat food or go out on the town without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed. The ability to remove the invisalign clear braces is a great psychological benefit to younger children who might be very sensitive to the social changes and confidence changes that may occur when getting braces.

Coral springs dental center has you covered from cleanings, x-rays, orthodontist, periodontist, endodontist and a very comfortable offices with TV’s and a place for kids to play and wait while you get your checkup! Having a comfortable dentist office makes a big difference when you are choosing a practice for your family! Come visit us here at Coral Springs Dental center formerly known as union dental located on University Blvd at 1700 university Drive, suite 101 Coral springs Florida zip code 33071. Please visit us a or give us a call at 954-344-8800

Dentist in Coral Springs

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