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Orthodontist Coral Springs

Braces and Mental Well Being and finding the right orthodontist Coral Springs.  What makes us want to straighten our teeth? To fit in, Facial Symmetry? Health reasons? For years the discussion of braces mental social and physical impacts upon children growing into adulthood have been studied and observed from many different researchers, scientist and orthodontists. In 2007 a study on the impacts of braces was done in the U.K. and was in the British Journal of health and psychology. The majority opinion was that braces and straight teeth boost self esteem later in life but after studying a group of welsh school kids from ages ten to about ages 30 they found that braces did not have a real impact as opposed to those that did not receive any treatment at all. Orthodontist, scientist, and researchers inferring and observing from years of orthodontic work have shaped many opinions in the dental and ortho community, from working year after year with crooked teeth and seeing beautiful smiles later in life that were the direct result from the braces, One can say it’s merely a personal subjective opinion whether or not braces will have a lasting psychological impact on the individual.


After years of thousands of people with the classic metal mouth, railroad track, jaws teeth, the archaic painful braces were the only option that you had; advances in technology have allowed the use of such correction tools like clear braces that have totally changed the game psychologically. Now methods with advances in tools used like banding or using (rubber Bands) have allowed whole new frontiers to be mastered with dental correction. The guess work that was in the past orthodontic treatment has been replaced with state of the art technology that will precisely image and diagnose your dental correction needs.

Orthodontist Coral Springs

Some children in school will be ridiculed for having braces some kids will be ridiculed for not having braces. Sitting your child down before any sort of dental or orthodontic work can really assure them that they are in good hands and can look to the future result as something to look forward to because many children and young adults have a difficult time coping and not being instantly gratified by the dental correction.  Now that you have found the right Orthodontist Coral Springs give us a call.


Personally I can remember getting my braces off and seeing the result after years of picking the bread out of my teeth and constantly getting cut cheeks. The first thing I thought when I got my braces off was my teeth feel really slick and sensitive but after the years of anguish that I thought was some sort of cruel mouth torture it turned out to give me a great set of teeth that I am proud of. So if you’re questioning whether or not to give your children braces remember that if you’re not going to pay for the cost of correcting your child’s  teeth now, later on in life the bills for fixing impacted and problem teeth will greatly exceed the cost for a routine orthodontic correction. Please visit our site at or call us at (954)-344-8800 for more info and advice on our practice.

Orthodontist Coral Springs


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