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Cosmetic Dentist

There are many reasons why someone might choose to have a dental procedure done. Sometimes it is to fix or remove a compromised tooth, while other times it is to alleviate pain and problems associated with an oral malocclusion (deformity). However, sometimes the reason is more emotional than physical. Many people find that yellowing, broken, or protruding teeth can greatly affect their self-esteem. This in turn can hinder both their personal and professional lives. Instead of focusing on the moment, they are worried about hiding their smile. A cosmetic dentist at Coral Springs Dental Center can help you craft your ideal smile and regain your confidence.  


Why see a cosmetic dentist?

As mentioned aCosmetic Dentistbove, dental issues can really hold a person back in life. This all has to do with confidence and is usually due to their own insecurities more than anything or anyone else. Take any speaking, management, or interview class or seminar and the first thing you are sure to hear is “smile and make eye contact”. The importance of a first impression cannot be understated. So when meeting someone new, worrying about your teeth and feeling less than great can really translate to standoffishness or shyness. These are not qualities that you want to portray to potential friends, employers or business partners.

It is also important to realize that what may appear to be a purely cosmetic issue may have a problematic underlying cause or side effects. Yellowing teeth can indicate a tartar buildup that may lead to gum disease. An over or underbite can cause headaches and tooth grinding. And large gaps in teeth can cause difficulty chewing and has the potential to cause dental shifting. A Coral Springs Dental Center cosmetic dentist will be able to help your smile not only look beautiful, but also be functional and healthy.


What does cosmetic dentistry entail?

There are many different branches of cosmetic dentistry and Coral Springs Dental Center has experts in them all! The first type of cosmetic dentistry is the simplest- regular cleanings. Attending cleanings at least every six months not only helps keep your mouth healthy and teeth shining, but it is also a way for your dentist to catch the beginnings of potential issues. It is like doing regular maintenance on a car.

Another branch that has its hands in cosmetic dentistry is orthodontics. Many children and adults wear traditional braces or Invisalign in order to help straighten their teeth.  The orthodontic team at Coral Springs Dental Center, led by Dr. Joaquin Zagarra, will be able to help you determine the best and most cost effective solution if you are looking into braces. Veneers are another way to improve the look of your smile. Veneers are thin shells that lay atop the teeth, making them appear straighter and whiter. Veneers are custom made from either resin or ceramic and can be a great option for those who need a simple cosmetic solution.


Nobody wants to feel self-conscious and hesitant to meet new people. Don’t let a less than perfect smile keep you from feeling your best and reaching your full potential. Come into Coral Springs Dental Center and talk to one of our specialists. Your cosmetic dentist will work with you to figure out exactly what you want and how best to get there. Call us today at 954.344.8800 to set up a consultation and start on the road to a more beautiful smile and a more confident you!

Cosmetic Dentist

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