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Orthodontist in Coral Springs FL

The formal practice of orthodontics dates back to the time of Hippocrates and Aristotle who contemplated proficient ways to help fix and alleviate several dental problems such as crooked teeth. Modern developments in orthodontics picked up in 1728 when Pierre Fauchard, a French dentist who is often credited with the development of modern orthodontics, published a book titled “The Surgeon Dentist.” in this book Fauchard illustrated a medley of techniques on how to help straighten teeth. If you are looking for an orthodontist in Coral Springs FL you can turn to Coral Springs Dental Center. We have been proudly serving South Florida with several fields of dentistry specialists for over 30 years.

Besides general dentistry, orthodontics is one of the most sought after services within the dentistry industry. You like most people are probably after the picture perfect smile. Going to your dentist for regular cleanings paired with consistent brushing, flossing, and mouthwash rinsing is only half of the fight toward a perfect smile. Straight, even teeth are two highly defining characteristics toward the dazzling smile you’re looking to achieve.

Coral Springs Dental Center can provide you with any dental services necessary. We eliminate the need to travel to different dentistry offices and locales simply to see another dental specialist. This means no longer trying to juggle schedules in order to get the kids to a pediatric dentist; no more driving across town after getting referred by your existing dentist for an endodontics procedure or even for oral surgery. We provide you with a full staff of dentistry specialists for your convenience. Get your bi-yearly cleaning done then visit your new orthodontist in Coral Springs FL all without leaving the initial building. Besides the aforementioned specialists some of the other dentistry services that Coral Springs Dental Center offers include:

Our orthodontics specialist will help provide you with expert treatment to yield the best results for your smile as soon as possible. Braces work through the application of pressure upon the teen. Pressure is adjusted periodically over time in order to reposition them into straighter alignment. Standard braces work by attaching brackets to individual teeth. These brackets are fastened with wires that are tightened incrementally in order to receive wanted movement from the patient’s teeth. Some of the options for braces you have as a patient includes:

  • Traditional Stainless Steel Braces
  • Invisalign Braces
  • Lingual Braces

Orthodontic statistics tell us that millions of people are currently wearing braces in the United States. The American Association of Orthodontists’ approximation is that there are about four million people in the U.S at the present moment that are wearing braces or other orthodontic appliance as an alternative to help straighten their teeth. About three-fourths of these individuals are younger than 18. Contact Coral Springs Coral Center in order to schedule your dental appointment with one of our expert orthodontists or any other dental specialist you may be in need of.

Orthodontist in Coral Springs FL

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