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Pediatric Dentists

For a child, a visit to the dentist can be a pretty scary thought. Children don’t think of the visit to the dentists as something that is good for their health and over well-being. All they can think of is the trip resulting with them sitting in a strange chair in a strange room while having someone they don’t know using odd instruments on their teeth and gums. There are steps that you can take in order to order to help your child avoid apprehension when taking them to see you a pediatric dentists. Coral Springs Dental Center is a full-service dental practice located in South Florida that offers you professional and caring family dentistry services. At Coral Springs Dental Center we can take care of all your dentistry needs including periodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery and more. We have placed extensive efforts into having dentistry specialists in all areas of our industry in order to facilitate the process of getting dental care for the entire family all in the same location. We have a team of expert and compassionate pediatric dentists who place an emphasis on ensuring that your child is as comfortable and relaxed as possible during their visit. Some things that can help ease your next appointment with pediatric dentists include:

  • Planning a pretend (practice) visit
  • Don’t break down unnecessary details
  • Don’t avoid early visits to pediatric dentists
  • Avoid bribing your child after/before seeing pediatric dentists

The more a child becomes familiar with the routine of a certain activity the more they will begin to see that activity as normal and unthreatening. Making the time to “play dentist” with your child prior to an upcoming visit to your family dentist will help them feel more comfortable when they are presented with the real deal. All you need to do this is a toothbrush and a mirror of some sort. You can take turns with your child pretending to be pediatric dentists. Having them role-play taking care of a stuffed animal or plush toy with their trusty toothbrush will let them get a bigger perspective of the care they will be receiving. You can then assume the role of the dentist by counting your child’s teeth one by one with their toothbrush.

The dentist’s office can seem like a scary place for you child but it doesn’t have to be. Our empathetic team of pediatric dentists are not only versatile in dealing with the needs or your child’s oral health conditions and specifically trained to treat your child’s primary (baby) teeth but have been educated in elements of child psychology to help the process of providing dental care for children.

Contact us today with any inquiries regarding our pediatric dentists or any of our other specialists and their practice and we will help clarify your questions. Catch part two of this article on our next blog post.

Pediatric Dentists –  Reducing Child Dentistry Anxiety Pt. One

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