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Children's Dentistry in Coral Springs

There are few things cuter than watching a kid wake up with a mouth full of missing teeth. Excited to see what the Tooth Fairy has brought, you can hear their joyful screams from every corner of the house. Those mornings are a treasure for every parent. And when you find a pediatric dentist that turns a routine cleaning into a fun adventure, oral and dental hygiene become good practice from their young age on. That is exactly what the Department of Children’s Dentistry in Coral Springs Dental Center does for our younger patients. We give them an experience that is lighthearted, entertaining, fun, and caring. Call us at 954-344-8800 to schedule an appointment. And read more about what makes us the number one parent’s choice for Children’s Dentistry in Coral Springs, FL.

Children’s Dentistry in Coral Springs | Pediatric Dental Services

Pediatric Dentistry is one of our most prominent and popular departments at Coral Springs Dental Center. It is because of our team of pediatric dentists and dental specialists that kids think of visiting the dentist as an adventure. We make sure to do everything in our power to take the anxiety and fear towards visiting the dentist that many kids have. That is why our pediatric dental staff is specially trained in child’s psychology and behavior management. They help even the youngest of our patients to feel confident and relaxed during

  • Routing Check-Ups for Kids
  • Tooth Sealants for Children
  • Cavity Fillings for Kids
  • Pediatric Orthodontic Care

Yep, that’s right. At Coral Springs Dental Center, you can have any and all of your child’s dental needs taken care of by a caring and skilled pediatric dentist or children’s orthodontist, in one convenient location. We have a department for every ADA recognized dental specialty, which you can read more about here: Our Departments.

Meet our newest Coral Springs Pediatric Dentist below:

Children’s Dentistry in Coral Springs | Why Your Child Needs to Visit a Dentist

The two main reasons your child needs to see a dentist for kids are 1. Preventative Reasons and 2. Good Dental Hygiene Practices. Teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth and flossing can help instill lifelong habits. These habits the prevent future tooth or oral complications that are often costly, painful, and avoidable.

Our pediatric dentists are specially trained in dealing with a child’s primary, or “baby” teeth. This, coupled with their understanding and passion for helping kids, is how we make visits to the dentist stress-free and fun for both you and your child. Oh, and they also have their very own video game room to play in. That seems to be a favorite for many of our young patients and is just one more thing for your child to look forward to.

Ready to schedule an appointment? Call us at 954-344-8800 or Contact Coral Springs Dental Center here.

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Children’s Dentistry in Coral Springs

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